Young woman in Vietnam wolfs down 2 trays of fried chicken for cash prize, to eatery owner's dismay

It’s intermittent to browse through dining establishments issuing aggravations to borrowers for preserve sustenance or payoffs, however what takes place once a costumer literally wraps up the plight?

The owner of a fried poultry joint in Vietnam newly dealt a plight to his borrowers — granting 5 million Vietnamese Dong (S$280) to anybody who can devour two trays of fried poultry in under 90 mins.

His bargain was stealed upward by a young girl who gamely wolfed down two trays of sustenance in 55 mins.

The 18-year-ratty challenger’s dare to win the silver jackpot was recorded on the bistro’s TikTok avenue, wherein she was offered two vast trays being composed of fried poultry and also an hodgepodge of other fried items.

An additional clip introduced her stuffing on the sustenance, as investigatory bystanders seen her from behind.

@daynghemienphigaranfkt Bé Mai thắng 5.000.000 triệu. #letutrong #xuhuong #nhuongquyen #garanfkt #fkt #garan #khoinghiep ♬ nhạc nền – Lê Tự Trọng – Gà Rán FKT

According to Thai media outlet Thaiger, the owner of the bistro showed up a caboodle less-than-met that the teenager owned ended up the plight, and also reportedly begun to whine around how a caboodle she wolfed alcohol.

“Today’s bistro livelihoods, power, water, poultry, staff members’ investings… have to be imparted away as a reward.

Regardless of his whining, the bistro owner still handed the jackpot silver over to the teenager, plucky in ecosystem media reports as Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai.

His remarks did not rest faithfully wearing netizens, however, who termed him out for complaining regardless of being the one who organised the plight.

Yet, it shows up pick adhering to the publicity his bistro gained, the bistro owner has sought that Mai antiphon to dare and also eat three times the quantity of sustenance — for a reward of 15 million Vietnamese Dong, reported Vietnamese media.

The same Vietnamese media outlet also reported that Mai is undoubtedly no thorough stranger to such eating aggravations.

She owned in the past gulped down 13 cans of beer in 60 mins in a plight, and also has also won 30 million Vietnamese Dong for eating almost 5kg well worth of noodles.

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