'You look disgusting': South Korean women get short hair to push back against anti-feminists, some get insulted

SEOUL – It has been three years because work expanse employee Kim Ah-yeon chopped her long locks off and also got a boy’s hairdo. And till today, she still receives enquired why she preserves her hair so brief and also why she prefers to be so “unfeminine”.

Strolling on the thoroughfares, she occasionally receives tossed taunts like “You exquisiteness icky!” and also “Why perform you exquisiteness like a man?”, and also also receives labelled a witch.

In the work expanse, she alerts that some man coworkers will thwart her and also intentionally forget her once she welcomes them in the early morning.

“I really feel pressured by my family members and also society every singular day. My brief hair executes not amass wound to plenty of other humans, yet they telephone call me gross and also enlighten me to be added womanly,” she alerted The Straits Times.

Ms Kim Ah-yeon, 28, is one of the thriving hundreds of participants of an electronic campaign that suggests Korean womans to underline off their brief florae via the hashtag #women_shortcut_campaign.

The campaign was urged by a Nov 4 attack on a brief-haired lady benefit store staff in Jinju municipal in the South Gyeongsang province, around 270km south-east of Seoul.

The challenger was a man in his 20s, who billed the victim of being a feminist because she has brief hair.

“I wear’t vanquished womans, yet feminists are asking to be beaten up!” he allegedly alerted her, before boxing and also kicking her.

The challenger, who was arrested on the uncover, was asserted to be drunk and also alerted policemen that he was associated via Brand name-traditional Guy on Solidarity, one of the suburban’s the majority of boisterous anti-feminist groups.

The group refuted that the challenger is associated via them and also said on their electronic subdivision page that its participants perform not attack humans.


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