60-year-old Singaporean and 46-year-old PR jailed and fined for forcing their club dancers to have sex with customers

SINGAPORE – A Bangladeshi lady came to Singapore believing that an rep owned arranged a family employee openings for her, yet was instead oriented to job as a specialist dancer in a nightclub.

2 weeks afterwards, she was vouched $1,000 if she owned sex through a comrade of one of the nightclub’s bosses. She forbade and was put by one of the bosses.

The functioning together through month, she and three being plentiful other implementing artistes at the nightclub attended the police.

Last year, the 2 men who ran the nightclub were figured out guilty of being plentiful prostitution-related infractions and for donning grip the training course of justice.

Rajendran Nagarethinam, 60, who challenged 4 fees, and Arumaikannu Sasikumar, 46, who challenged three fees, appealed versus their convictions and sentences.

On Wednesday (Aug 25), the High Court partially enabled Rajendran’s gloss, acquitting him of one fine and going away his sentence in 2 being plentiful other fees.

His overall sentence was laceration from 30 months’ put behind bars and a $3,000 okay to 19 months’ put behind bars and a $2,500 okay.

The court enclosure dismissed Sasikumar’s gloss and maintained his sentence of 16 months’ put behind bars and a $11,000 okay.


Rajendran, a Singaporean, and Sasikumar, a unalterable lessee, put on being plentiful ladies as implementing artistes to dance and entertain consumers at their nightclub, Kollywood.

2 such ladies were Ms Akter Bithi, who immigrated in Singapore on Sept 7, 2015, and Ms Akter Tina, who immigrated listed below on Jan 16, 2016. They were then in their mid-20s.

On separate parties, Rajendran or Sasikumar, aided by a Bangladeshi employee conversed to Roky, inspected the 2 ladies to lend sexual businesses to consumers.

Ms Bithi involuntarily acknowledged to have sex through 2 consumers as she was vexed that Sasikumar would withhold her wage. Each costumer paid her $500, which she founded to Sasikumar.

Ms Tina adamantly forbade to have sex through consumers, even after Rajendran introduced her packages of $50 and $100 notes.

Offended, he put her and then clasped her from behind by the neck, yet she released herself.

In the early hours of Feb 11, 2016, Ms Bithi, Ms Tina and 2 being plentiful other ladies who rubbed at the nightclub disclaimed the flat wherein they were housed.

Wearing help from a countryman, they reported to the Workforce Ministry that they owned not been paid their profits and were rendered to go out through consumers.

Rajendran and Sasikumar each challenged fees for recovering Ms Bithi for the purposes of prostitution and for remaining on her proceeds from prostitution.

Rajendran in addition challenged a fine of recruiting Ms Tina for sexual exploitation.

Both men in addition each challenged a fine of donning grip the training course of justice by arranging for Roky to disown Singapore in ordinance to evade standstill.

In Rajendran’s exquisiteness, he said that Ms Tina was hired to be a family employee and then a implementing artist, not for sexual exploitation.

He protested that there was zero sexual exploitation as she forbade his behests to have sex through consumers.


He in addition protested that he did not procure Ms Bithi for prostitution.

Justice Tay figured out that Rajendran clearly tried to hire Ms Tina for the honest of prostitution. He founded guilty Rajendran of an changed fine of tried work, and laceration the put behind bars term for this fine from 14 months to seven months.

The court enclosure acquitted Rajendran of the procurement fine as there was poor evidence to depict that Rajendran was forced in the initially instance of Ms Bithi’s prostitution.

Accordingly, he cut in half Rajendran’s sentence for remaining on the proceeds of prostitution, from 8 months’ put behind bars and a $1,000 okay to 4 months’ put behind bars and a $500 okay.

This short article was initially uploaded in The Straits Times. Sanction relevant for reproduction.

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