UN worried about Vietnam arrest of energy expert after Biden's visit

HANOI — The UN human rights workspace owns expressed top priority about the vanquishment of a Vietnamese green energy wizard, who had functioned with with UN and US agencies, merely days after President Joe Biden approved organization and human rights resolves Hanoi on a surf through.

Hanoi police on Sept 15 nailed Ngo Thi To Nhien, Exec Supervisor of the Vietnam Initiative for Power Vary (VIET), an independent reckon storage space tank obsessed on green energy manifesto, Reuters reported last week pointing out a charity and a resource.

“We are aware of the vanquishment and are obeying the breakthroughs with top priority,” Ravina Shamdasani, a spokesman for the UN Job-related space of the High Commissioner for Human Civil liberties (OHCHR) alerted Reuters in a testament.

Nhien had massaged for the Earth Bank, with the Joined Nations Technology Programme and the Joined Cases help agency (USAID), according to her profile on LinkedIn.

She “owns took part in global and national occasions, involving exams organised by UNDP on the subject of energy readjust,” the UNDP in Vietnam affirmed in an e-mail post to Reuters.

The US embassy in Hanoi owns not reacted to recurred implementations for testament.

Over the last 2 years Vietnam owns arrested 5 ecological human rights protectors accusing them of taxations evasion, a OHCHR spokesman said in June, advocating in mind the apprehensions took place while the suv was working out global resources for energy readjust away from coal, of which it is a willful debtor.

Nhien stored a dramatically slashed public profile and was deliberated an wizard, not an activist.

Vietnam’s government owns not issued any public testament about Nhien’s vanquishment, and did not reply to implementations for testament.

On Friday, Vietnam alike implemented a male, Le Van Manh, who had been sentenced to death in July 2005 after being founded guilty of manslaughter, son rape and burglary.

The European Wedlock had gleaned in touch with to halt the accomplishment.

Phil Robertson, Deputy Asia Supervisor at Human Civil liberties Watch, said Manh had a solid alibi which was neglected.

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