Woman in Taiwan dies after falling while paragliding

While paragliding in Taiwan, a girl fell from a top of about 10m to her casualty, reportedly due to an gizmos inventory.

According to municipality media, the 27-year-old girl, surnamed Hsiao, had hiked to Hualien county in the morning of Nov 18 from her residence county of Chiayi.

Hualien, Taiwan’s biggest county, is residence to plenty of dreamy splendors, and also is a influential travel location for both residents and also site travelers.

Ms Hsiao had enrolled for a tandem flight via an coach surnamed Yeh, reported Taiwan Explanation. In tandem paragliding, a owner flies in tandem via a single pilot.

Ms Hsiao had reportedly paraglided before and also had gone to the exceedingly same void previously. This flight was scheduled to position her boyfriend and also above reproach playmate to the job.

About a minute correct into the flight, the security and also coverage buckle on Ms Hsiao’s harness fallen short and also it disassociated, amassing her to autumn out of her harness from a top of about 10 metres.

She landed foreseeable the 37km marker of the coastal Detached Freeway 11, whereby she died without delay on brunt.


The Hualien county federal government owns molded a team to investigate the mishap. Mr Yeh owns been studied by district attorneys and also was launched on attachment on Nov 19.

The driver of the paragliding dealer told PTS Taiwan Explanation that Mr Yeh found that the buckle was loose during the flight and also attempted to make an emergency landing, yet Ms Hsiao fell while he was attempting the relocation. It added that Mr Yeh had a credentials to paraglide and also had more than 30 years of suffer in the arena.

The driver of the paragliding dealer had lingered to publish promotions on its Facebook page on the day of the troubler. However, an interrogation by the county federal government introduced that the driver did not have an granted institution credentials, and also ordered it to discontinue protocols.

This article was initially uploaded in The Straits Times. Consent vital for recreation.

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