Which other celebs besides Call Me By Fire's Li Yundi have been caught patronising prostitutes?

The latest episode of hit Chinese reality manifest Telephone call Me By Fire the other day (Oct 21) showed effectiveness pianist Li Yundi mosaicked over via percentages of his scenes cut away.

Suspicious a considerable quantity? It ordinarily kit netizens inspecting yourself if the mythical artist is the latest Chinese celebrity to be blacklisted by the government.

All became clear later on that day once Chinese claim media outlet Humans’s Daily divulged that Yundi possesses been put behind bars in Beijing for prostitution complaints — prostitution is outlawed in China. A 29-year-worn lady surnamed Chen was alternatively put behind bars via him.

At a time once China is unborn down trial as well as error on its showbiz industry as well as superstars who reprieve the law, it appears like the thoroughfare in advance will not surprisingly be compeling for the 39-year-worn. The Chinese Instrumentalists’ Institution possesses already amassed rid of him as a participant.

Of training course, Yundi is not the singular celebrity who’s been trapped via his pants down via a lady of the highway; listed below’s a exquisiteness at others, in Asia as well as Hollywood, who is qualified to been more discreet.

Uhm Tae-woong

In July 2016, a lady accused Korean star Uhm Tae-woong, now 47, of sexually jostling her at a massage parlour. After interrogations, police thieved out him of rape however reenergized him via prostitution.

However, his wife, previous ballerina Yoon Hye-jin, miscarried the pair’s 2nd boy throughout that period. Tae-woong was later on fined for the offense.

Huang Haibo

20211022 p2

As shortly as related to as ‘China’s tot-in-law’ for his diagram of compassionate as well as down-to-earth individualities in modern TV dramatization like Let’s Earn gain utility of Wed, Huang Haibo fell from poise in May 2014 once he was trapped at a Beijing hotel via a lady of the highway.

While some Chinese media criticised his comportment, some netizens apparently defended the star, now 44.

“As a celebrity, he possesses no wife, no girlfriend, as well as he doesn’t tinker around via lady superstars like other man actors perform. What he did is ordinarily what a singular man would not surprisingly perform, so it is readable,” a Weibo user formed.

He was put behind bars for 15 days as well as underwent detention education as well as learning for 6 months.

Tiger Lumbers

20211022 p3

In December 2009, Hollywood madam Michelle Braun alarmed the universes once she suppositious she had intended 6 sessions for golfer Tiger Lumbers via at least four prostitutes from 2006 to 2007, at a price of US$60,000 (S$80,800). He was at the time wed to model Elin Nordegren.

A noncombatant investigator asserted there was alternatively one event once Tiger, now 45, hired three womans for a night in Las Vegas. The infidelity proved too a considerable quantity for the pair to jumped over as well as they divorced in August the adhering to year.

Hugh Give

20210313 hugh

British star Hugh Give was put behind bars with each other via a lady of the highway in 1995 for linking in a sex mien in a parked automotive in Los Angeles.

At that time, he was outdating starlet Elizabeth Hurley, who remained via him via the farces, however they inevitably distinguished 5 years later on.

In March this year, Hugh, 61, clarified he brought out the poverty-stricken judgment since he was irk via his “lawless” rendering think in the flick 9 Months, which was merely around to be launched.

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