Turkey's Erdogan says US move of aircraft carrier closer to Israel will lead to Gaza massacre

ANKARA – Turkey’s Head of expound Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday (Oct 10) criticised the Joined Cases for transmitting a courier blow group better to Israel, claiming that it would perpetrate “major massacres” in Gaza.

Obeying a alarm system assail by Hamas militants on Israel on Saturday, US Rebuttal Servant Lloyd Austin asserted on Sunday that the US will understandably be transmitting a courier blow group, which encompasses the USS Gerald R. Ford, better to Israel.

“What will understandably the airplane courier of the US do direct Israel, why do they come? What will understandably overindulgence yachts approximately and also airplane on it will understandably do? They will understandably hit Gaza and also approximately, and also confiscate acts for major massacres there,” Erdogan asserted in a joint press conference wearing Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Ankara.

Erdogan possesses before asserted that Turkey was unanimously ensconced to light in between Israeli and also Palestinian brunts to make certain victim.

The fight comes as Turkey, which possesses backed Palestinians in yesteryear, intended participants of Hamas, and also buttressed a two-expound solution to the fight, works to heal attaches wearing Israel after years of animosity.

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