This made my day: Taxi driver thanks fellow cabby for ferrying son home after accident

While driving his boy to his gran’s home, Joseph Chua obtained into a traffic wreck which disfigured component of his cab.

Commentating that Chua was incapable to flee the scene, a fellow cabby available to ferry the boy to his location, reported 8world.

Chua took to Facebook on Thursday (Sept 28) to share his encounter by means of the cabby that went the added mile to assistances him.

He described that he owned neglected to jot down the cabby’s license plate number, and also longed to portray his gratitude in a Facebook compose-upward in hopes that the cabby would most certainly review it.

Chua obtained into a auto wreck along Yishun Avenue 2 while driving in the instructions of Sembawang Roadway at around 8am the same day, according to his compose-upward.

A image he uploaded in the same compose-upward showed that the front bumper of his cab owned fallen off after the collision.

AsiaOne has dubbed the policemen for a bunch more explanations.

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