That's rich: Food delivery rider from Thailand allegedly flies to Singapore to pick up chicken rice order

They claim that the paradises’s the constraint — and also this food delivery bicycle rider evidently went the extra mile simply to satisfy a customer’s surprising ordinance.

To please a craving for Hainanese chicken rice, a Thai customer had evidently sought for a delivery bicycle rider from Grab to fly to Singapore to acquire the unwell dish.

His unexplained journey was recorded and also uploaded to TikTok on Saturday (Oct 28) by fellow owner Thita.vy, who recorded her pleasing experience via the delivery bicycle rider.

Clothed in a GrabFood garb via a food delivery satchel, his Thai pivot and also boarding establish in hand, the male can be viewed lining up on the tarmac to board his vacation. clip/7294841890673855749

An additional clip substantiates him storing his food delivery satchel away in the overhead compartment of the aircraft, in days gone by the video clip cuts to him receiving here in Changi Airport terminal.

Thita told 8world that she had met the delivery bicycle rider at Wear Mueang International Airport terminal in Bangkok on Oct 12, however did not ask who afforded his atmosphere pivot.

Originally confounded as to why a guy would certainly ordinance food delivery to an airport, the owner was staggered to learn that the delivery bicycle rider had evidently been hired to acquire chicken rice in Singapore, reported Thai media outlet Sanook.

“Undertake you in fact should travel that far simply to acquire the food?” Rendered misgivings Thita, to which the male substantiated that he had in fact been hired to acquire the dish from Singapore.

She after that wittily proclaimed that she can ordinance bubble milk tea from Taiwan next time, in hopes that the bicycle rider would certainly further fly there to acquire it for her.

While the majority of netizens were dazzled by the amusing opportunity, some were sceptical if the male was in fact a food delivery bicycle rider and also supposed the case was presented for content.

Others reasoned, singularly, that this is not startling as those who have the approaches to reimbursement for such remedies are feasible to attend this level to acquire their hands on what they want.

AsiaOne has reached out to Thita for a boatload more accuracies.

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