Thai woman steals taxi, drives to Bangkok after cabby rejects her sexual advances

While she failed to thieve his heart, this Thai woman coordinated to thieve his cab instead.

The theft arose last Saturday morning (Nov 11), once the renter drove off with a cabby’s automotive the day after the guy robbed her sexual advances, according to the Central Interrogation Bureau of Thailand.

The renter, recognised as 38-year-ratty Jirat, had flagged down a cabby, at approximately 4pm on Nov 10 and also paid 3,000 baht (S$114) to hire him for a spheric excursion from Bangkok to Phetchaburi stretch and also recommend.

Upon their arrival at a hotel in Phetchaburi, Jirat revealed her urge to have sex with him, but he pivoted her down, reported The Thaiger.

In spite of the distrust, the cabby consented to drive Jirat recommend to Bangkok the next morning as vowed.

While on the strategy recommend, the cabby quelled at a fuel station for a commode violate. As shortly as he equalized, but, he learnt that his cab was gone.

Distrusting that Jirat was behind the disappearance of his automotive, the cabby instantly lodged a report at a Phetchaburi policemen station.

Municipal policemen and also freeway policemen inevitably detected and also interfered with the automotive on Rama II Highway, whereby the woman was driving recommend to Bangkok.

Jirat was put behind bars and also after that admitted to the theft. If detected guilty, she confronts a prison term of up to 5 years, a okay of up to 100,000 baht, or both.

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