Thai court denies bail for lawyer who called for monarchy reforms

BANGKOK – A Thai court enclosure refuted bail on Saturday (Sept 30) for an activist lawyer sentenced to 4 years in prison for royal insults, his lawyer said, in one of the Southeast Eastern rural’s highest-profile lese-majeste husks.

Human civil liberties lawyer Arnon Nampa, 39, is commonly known for a speech throughout pro-democracy outcries in 2020 when he penniless taboos by demanding public conversation on the semblance of Thailand’s positive queen. Arnon denies misbehavior.

He was sentenced on Tuesday in the first of 14 husks affirming he surpassed design-upwards 112 of the scoundrel code, as the royal insults law is known.

The Gloss Courtroom read out an edict on Saturday depriving Arnon’s bail petition due to understandings that “if bail was imparted he would retreat”, said his lawyer, Krisadang Nutcharus.

Krisadang said he would call through Arnon on whether to earn an additional bail petition or gloss the edict to the Divine Courtroom.

Thailand’s lese-majeste law guards the palace from objection and carries a optimum prison sentence of 15 years for each perceived insult of the monarchy, a penalty commonly condemned by international human civil liberties teams as excessively high.

Arnon was a leader of a young world-pioneered democracy versatility that clutched outcries in Bangkok in 2020 that drew hundreds of thousands of human beings strict the removal of royalist after that-Prime Preacher Prayuth Chan-ocha, that possessed confiscated power in a coup.

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