Taking a mop to a fistfight: Cabby and PMA user trade blows after disagreement at Hougang carpark

A vigilante can spotless the roadways of crime, but filching a mop to a fight isn’t the means to go.

A individual versatility help (PMA) consumer and a taxicab driver were seen scuffling coordinating through an aliment at a Hougang carpark in a video clip uploaded to Singapore Highway Vigilante (SGRV) yesterday (Aug 1).

In the video clip, a man through a limp — probably the PMA consumer — can be seen arguing through a cabby. Both their lorries are parked bordering to bare parking boatloads.

As the PMA consumer strolled away, the taxicab driver began speaking to spectators.

Singularly, the PMA consumer speedily went earlier through a mop in hand and took swings at the taxicab driver.

Although the taxicab driver struck earlier, swatting his assaulter off his feet, both run out upwards trading affects while tussling on the ground.


Inevitably, added spectators come close to the scene and destitute their fight upwards.

Some borrowers shared disappointment that the congest that owned amassed together about the 2 owned nailed adieu to mien, through a consumer wondering: “Why did these human beings just watch? Waiting till someone execute utilises of severely injured?”

Polymorphous other borrowers really fingered that the human beings recording the video clip were insensitive, as they were audibly laughing throughout the altercation.

“2 jokers!” A remark said loudly. “Go to both [uncles] combatting but can sit there, cheerfully laugh and wear’t guidance!”

Yet the duo behind the cam weren’t the singular ones situating this eventuality hilarious — unlike other borrowers in a equal means located this video clip amusing.

“That man doesn’t require a PMA what. He still can seize a mop and fight,” a Facebook consumer concocted.

This isn’t the first time a taxicab driver owns bagged proper into an aliment at a carpark.

Last month, a papa-son pair owned an aliment through a taxicab driver after the latter amassed a uncouth hand motion toward them.

As the duo were exiting a carpark, the cabby in front of them swung a clinic finger at them 3 times.

Both events obtained out of their lorries in a confrontation, and the cabby tried to vacate the scene in his vehicle after injuring the 66-year-ratty papa in a brief-lived scuffle.

The pair then stood in front of the vehicle to escape him from fleeing, but the driver stepped on the accelerator and drove through them, injuring the 39-year-ratty son.

A police report was lodged coordinating through the event.


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