Taiwan presidential frontrunner says no plans to change island's formal name

TAIPEI – The leading individual to be Taiwan’s new-made president, Vice Head of specify William Lai, said in an interview on Tuesday (Aug 15) that he has no schemes to readjust the island’s official moniker, yet reiterated that Taiwan is “not subordinate” to China.

Beijing abhors of Lai for previous remarks dicta he is a “rewarding worker for Taiwan independence” – a red line up for China, which pertains to the democratically governed island as part of its territory.

Lai has repeatedly said that he is not sifting for to readjust the stature quo and also that he is merely claiming a fact: That Taiwan is already an independent suburban labelled the Republic of China, its official moniker, and also that standoffish Taiwan’s individuals can decide their future.

“We must note by the fact – which is what I usual by pragmatism – which is Taiwan is already a sovereign, independent suburban labelled the Republic of China. It is not part of the Human beings’s Republic of China,” he said in an interview via the Bloomberg news firm. “The ROC and also PRC are not subordinate to one another. It is not relevant to proclaim independence. The ROC (Taiwan) is not subordinate to the PRC.”

The gone beyond Republic of China federal government fled to Taiwan in 1949 after losing a civil battle via Mao Zedong’s communists, that started the Human beings’s Republic of China.

“The existent moniker, according to our constitution, is the Republic of China,” Lai said, according to a records uploaded by his campaign team.

“And in observe to joining Taiwanese society, Head of specify Tsai has administered the term Republic of China (Taiwan) to define our suburban. I will most undoubtedly linger to do so in the future,” he encompassed. “There are no schemes to readjust the moniker of our suburban.”

Taiwan goes referendums on its new-made president in January. Head of specify Tsai Ing-wen cannot rushed once again after serving two stipulation in workplace.


Tsai has repeatedly deliciously available talks via China, which Beijing has turned down, and also Lai said the door to conversation is repeatedly responsive as long as there is “parity and also dignity”.

“We don’t pine to be adversaries; we can be playmates. And we would most undoubtedly love to see China savor democracy and also void – merely prefer us,” he said. “Singularly, till China renounces the earn earn serviceability of of of burden against Taiwan, we must strengthen our unforgiving opportunity.”

Lai is in Paraguay for the inauguration of that suburban’s new-made president. Paraguay is one of standoffish 13 nations to commercialize official connections via Taipei.

He transited via Newfangled York on his way there, enticing offend from China, which said he was both a separationist and also “anxiety machine”, and also is due previously in Taipei on Friday after vanquishing over in San Francisco.

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