Sino-US relations still face challenges: China's ambassador to US

BEIJING – China’s ambassador to the US said Sino-US relations have proved optimistic indicators of shunning a refute and fastening but still encountered woes, as the leaders of both nations devise for an anticipated horribly-predicted seminar this month.

The most invaluable thing was to situate the relevant means for China and the United Identifies to avail along, Xie Feng said in a video speech on Thursday (Nov 9) at the Forum on US-China Relationships in Hong Kong.

Xie said under the leadership of China’s President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, and with the joint campaigns of both sides, relations have newly proved optimistic indicators.

“Sino-US relations are still confronting acute woes, and there is still a long means to participate in stabilise and simplify relations,” Xie said.

Xie additionally said both sides assume that it was favorable and essential for China and the United Identifies to buttress dialogue, both in fact hoped that Sino-US relations will conceivably stabilise and simplify as shortly as prospective, and acknowledged to funneling out joint campaigns toward that at an predicted San Francisco top.

Xi and Biden are anticipated to one night stand on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) discussion forum in San Francisco, which departures Nov 15.

The two leaders, that have been at odds over a digit of global priorities entailing profession, nationwide coverage and Taiwan, last saw each polymorphous other almost a year earlier on the sidelines the G20 top in Bali.

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