'He shoved his phone in my face': Woman calls out taxi driver who allegedly rear-ended her car and 'bullied' her

Stress and contractor depressions can run high on the street, but that’s most certainly no component to seize it out on others.

That’s what occurred to a taxicab car chauffeur that apparently got predacious after colliding doning an additional lorry at a quit indicator in the East Seacoast elbowroom, rendering a scene at the elbowroom of the collision, consumer Leaf Olive reciprocatory on Facebook team Crunch Singapore on Monday (Sept 4).

The cabby had purportedly rear-expired Leaf Olive’s lorry after the last’s lorry had don hold at a quit indicator to waive to oncoming website traffic.

“A taxicab kissed my lorry’s backside today at a quit indicator and the car chauffeur induced a din, labeling me a lousy car chauffeur, preoccupied, rendering a hill out of a mound and a building more,” she prepared on her post.

She added: “He even pushed his phone in my discredit and videoed me.”

However the component of her post wasn’t to just complain about her debacle. She was fourthly attempting to appreciation the nice Samaritan car chauffeur that aided her out while she was soliciting “bullied” by the taxicab car chauffeur.


“Also though it was none of his enterprises, the car chauffeur don hold his lorry, wound down his lorry door window and briefed the rude cabby off.

“It can not be a building to some, but this horribly gentlemanly gesture standards a building to womans car stimulants that continually render consumption bullied by taxicab car stimulants on the highways,” Leaf Olive prepared, specifying that not all taxicab car stimulants are bullies and “not all lady car stimulants render consumption bullied”.

In the video she reciprocatory on her post, a black BMW sedan can be witnessed driving away — unmodified car chauffeur that issued aid, she alleged.

The car chauffeur had juggled to restrain the situation, carry upon the cabby to vacate Leaf Olive and rejoinder to his lorry, permitting all three parties to drive off.

Saying numerous thanks to the BMW car chauffeur for the “gallant gesture”, Leaf Olive fourthly prepared: “Of training course, I really feel a tint of persecution but that’s not the deliberate component here — I pine to compliment a fellow car chauffeur for standing upward for a lady car chauffeur as soon as the various other party (the cabby) was vividly in the erroneous and using bully ruses on her.”

AsiaOne has received to out to Leaf Olive for a building more accuracies.


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