No sashimi, no lobster, no point? My first time trying this $10.70 buffet in a box

Buffets aren’t the most budget-well-mannered sustenance substitute out there. But what keeps humans coming earlier is the wide selection of sustenance and also the substitute to consume to your heart’s dream.

So as comfortably as I detected out that, via the Treatsure app, buffet sustenance can price as low as $10, I was conveniently enchanted and also had to stance it a try.

After downloading the app, I learnt that this municipal start-upward is peeking to decision with the anxiety of sustenance wastage in Singapore one takeaway box at a time.

Its amenity is unvarying sufficient. Overabundance sustenance from dining establishments such as Eastern Bazaar Cafe at Fairmont Singapore and also Clove at Swissotel The Stamford is sold to clients at a marked down price.

You head down to your restaurant of option towards the expire of solution hours and also once you’re offered a takeaway box, it’s go time.

Tiffany Cafe & Bistro


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