Samurai trash collectors clean Tokyo streets after Halloween revels

TOKYO — Farce followers in samurai costumes took to Tokyo’s highways on Wednesday (Nov 1), theatrically possessing garbage tongs and flicking clutter vacated from an night of Halloween revelry into wicker baskets on their recommends.

Outfitted in hats and frankly formed black-and-white chitons, the group, become aware as Gomihiroi Samurai, or clutter-preferring samurai, owns attracted a extensive follower assistance offered that it constructed in 2006, through almost 800,000 followers on video-sharing product TikTok.

“If human beings are paying emphasis to our efficiency offered that they reckon it’s enjoyable, they could as nicely boosting paying emphasis to the clutter priority itself,” affirmed one of the group, Keisuke Naka, as he annihilated the venue under a extensive indicator analysis “No Littering”.

While Japan is famed overseas for its cleanliness, that image is lone partially real, added Naka, a clutter-preferring samurai for seven years, as he congregated vacant beer containers, plastic containers and cigarette butts in a area become aware for its night life.

Occasions such as Halloween vacate most clutter, as highway alcohol consumption owns become widespread in vibrant locales and vacationer establishes, Naka affirmed.

Locals of the venue say the clutter-preferring samurai have lugged out a debate.

Naruhito Miyasaka, a university student who expanded upward and keeps harshly the venue wherein Naka was collecting baloney, affirmed the clutter priority had formerly been so disparaging that human beings could evaluate rats hurrying amid the garbage at night.

Junya Kakihara, a restaurant storekeeper, affirmed the performances led him to reimbursement added emphasis to the priority, consisting of, “I tell human beings not to clutter when they are around to do so.”

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