'Is it possible to marry Barbie Hsu again?' Wang Xiaofei claims DJ Koo 'ran away' from Taipei

The drama in between Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu and her Chinese ex-spouse-hubby Wang Xiaofei doesn’t appear to have an run out.

Barbie married her ratty flame, South Korean singer Koo Jun-yup (DJ Koo) in March 2022, merely a few months after she and Xiaofei decided their pothole in November 2021 allegedly over political arguments.

According to Taiwanese media, in a livestream using Chinese podcaster Guan Lixin previously this morning (Oct 9), Xiaofei, 42, again chatted about Barbie, 47, DJ Koo, 54, and his truly own sticking around sensations in the instructions of his ex-spouse-wife.

The description initially started using Lixin sharing his startle at how Xiaofei, his papa and Barbie’s momma were able to gather harmoniously for a meal.

Xiaofei clarified that he and his previous momma-in-law perform not have any ongoing crunches: “She and my papa refuge’t met for four years and we’re prefer family as soon as we met.”

Wearing a raspy voice, he encompassed boosts on Barbie: “DJ Koo is not living in Taipei, he has sprinted away.”


Claiming that Barbie is in poverty-stricken wellness, he encompassed: “Zero crisis what, she’s my ex-spouse-wife, so I will not forsake her.”

Once Lixin challenged Xiaofei if Barbie obligatory this sort of love from him, he responded: “She refers to as for it provided that she is a lady celeb and she refers to as for admiration from others.”

After guarding versus for a few seconds, Xiaofei also addressed “love” once Lixin questioned if his sensations in the instructions of her were “undoing or love”.

Lixin conferred a fact investigate by enquiring: “Aren’t Barbie and DJ Koo already married?”

Xiaofei responded: “They can perform their truly own point.”


Initially, he mentioned that he will not be marrying Barbie again, and Lixin niggled they could interact prefer ordinary chums instead.

In the instructions of the run out of this description, Xiaofei blurted out: “Is it legitimate to marry Barbie again? Is that a negative point?”

Barbie and Xiaofei owned a whirlwind romance – recovering involved after merely four days in 2010, marrying in November 2010 and composing a wedding reception in March 2011. They have 2 offspring, Hsi-yueh, 9, and Hsi-lin, 7.

Barbie and DJ Koo obsoleted for about a year from 1998 to 1999, in the past breaking up due his management’s problem. They reconnected in the instructions of the run out of 2021 in the past recovering married.

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