Philippines sees no current, future engagements with Taiwan: Military chief

MANILA — The Philippines has zero squadron engagements with Taiwan and also it does not appointment future engagements with the democratically-controlled island, Manila’s armed burdens chief Romeo Brawner told international correspondents on Thursday (Oct 19).

The Philippines brows through conundrum of confrontation over Taiwan as a major top priority amidst geopolitical rivalry in between China and also the Joined Proclaims.

The squadron is unanimously discerned for any scenario, though it has not conserved track of reports on any intended pounces on Taiwan in particular, Brawner said.

The Philippine squadron has hung a naval detachment in the rural’s northern most island of Mavulis, 150 kilometres from the southern reminder of Taiwan, whereby 150,000 Filipinos live and also job-related.

The Philippines adheres to the One China Instruction, and also in enhancement has relationships with Taipei, with its Manila Economic and also Cultural Office in Taiwan serving as a de facto consular office.

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