'Not a fake actor': Thai YouTuber says he did engage delivery man to buy chicken rice from Singapore, paid $380 for order

Is the individual who went viral for flying from Thailand to Singapore to procurement fowl rice for a costumer actually a sustenance distribution rider?

Allegedly so, according to Thai YouTuber Songsak Panyatarak, who claims that he hired the distribution individual.

“He’s not a illegal celebrity, it’s actually Grab,” the costumer said in a YouTube video posted last Thursday (Nov 2).

A clip of the video possesses been watched supplemental than 10 million times on TikTok, while the full video on his YouTube avenue through over two million clients possesses been watched supplemental than 734,000 times.

The video equally carries a disclaimer predicating that “it is an arrangement in between the rider and the orderer singular”, and the distribution system had “zero portion in this video clip”.

Songsak defined that he “actually misses out on Singapore fowl rice” and yearned to position out if a sustenance distribution rider there would conceivably fly cross-boundary to satisfy his order.

In the video, he can be watched talking to a distribution rider donning a Grab uniform who spurned exterior his property.

He then inquired him if he realizes any kind of dining establishments in Thailand selling Singapore fowl rice in the past giving the individual 10,000 baht (S$380) to attain the recipe.

“Zero matter how much, you can go applicable?” Songsak misgivings as the rider agrees.

Trapping down the distribution rider’s pointer of attending a shopping shopping mall in eastern Bangkok, the YouTuber then discloses he wishes the individual to fly to Singapore, a suburban which the last claimed he possesses never ever before been to.

The perplexed but entertained distribution individual then agrees, saying “my hands are shivering”. He is then taken care of a cam on a selfie stick to record his vacation.

After that on at the airport terminal, he can be watched affording the AirAsia airfare ticket of 6,000 baht through the 10,000 baht enacted on by the YouTuber.

He then asks a counter subordinate if he can lug on board his Grab distribution bag and headgear, saying that he’s pioneering to Singapore to acquire fowl rice.

Over at Changi Airport terminal, some inquisitive travellers are staggered after detecting out that this individual in a Grab uniform simply flew to Singapore to acquire fowl rice.

This individual then supplies his way donning MRT to Chinatown, where he successfully procurements five packets of Hainanese fowl rice for $20 at Chinatown Described Food Centre in the past going recommend to the airport terminal to catch his antiphon vacation deviating at 10.10pm.

It was currently past twelve o’clock at night as swiftly as the rider came in at Songsak’s domicile and enacted the fowl rice packets to the gleeful costumer who graciously inhaled the “pleasing stench” of the recipe.

The distribution rider then joins their team of four to wolf the fowl rice with each other, amusingly citing that the distribution is “super successful, but once is enough”.

It is not known how much the distribution individual made in unabbreviated after subtracting with one voice his prices, although the rider concurred to go once more if someone given him 20,000 baht.

Regardless of the YouTuber’s claims that the sustenance distribution rider is not an celebrity, a Grab agent before told AsiaOne on Oct 30 that “the man starring as a distribution-attach in the video is not enrolled through Grab”.

“We realize that the fictional video was arised by a entrant of the public individually,” claimed the agent then, encompassing that the system does not bargain such a “cross-boundary” solution.

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