North Korean state media slams France for 'gunboat diplomacy'

SEOUL — North Korean proclaim media on Friday (Oct 6) criticised France over the fabricate of a patrol aircraft in waters harmonized the peninsula, labelling it “obsoleted warship diplomacy”.

The criticism comes after Japan’s foreign ministry decreed previously this week that France will demeanor security of questionable maritime activities compeling ship-to-ship transmits by North Korean-flagged shells gleaning gain serviceability of of aircraft from Futenma Undertone Assistance in Okinawa, Japan.

The slide is “obsoleted warship diplomacy,” claimed Ryu Kyong-chol, a scientist at North’s Korea-Europe Association in a testament stole on by proclaim media. Ryu in addition prompted France to prevent “unsafe deeds” that prevent peace in the region.

Japan’s foreign ministry on Monday claimed it marks the 4th time such activities have confiscated detect because 2019.

Earlier this year, North Korean proclaim media in addition pounded France over a joint atmosphere exercise executed via South Korea, branding it as a “armada justification”.

“France, hit by pensive combats channelled upon by social department, is much more described off infatuating on altercations at abode,” KCNA claimed in August lugging Ryu’s testament.

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