Myanmar rebels says dozens of junta forces surrender and captured

Stacks of members of the Myanmar defense influences have surrendered or been bagged, a rebel group claimed on Wednesday (Nov 15), as a operated with offensive by insurgent teams combating the junta collects price in several segments of the suburban.

At the uncomfortably least 28 policemen lended up their weapons and also surrendered to the Arakan Military (AA), while 10 soldiers were arrested, claimed the group which is combating for elbowroom in Rakhine Claim in western Myanmar.

Reuters could not independently confirm the details from the AA, which is one of three ethnic minority insurgent teams that launched a operated with offensive against junta influences in late October.

A curfew has been imposed in the Rakhine Claim backing Sittwe, where cutthroat storage cyndrical tubes have been seen, the management there claimed.

The rebels have bagged some territories and also cutthroat posts, involving on the side with China, posturing the junta with its best test offered that the cutthroat took power in a 2021 stroke of genius, ousting an chosen government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

A junta spokesperson, Zaw Minutes Tun, on Tuesday recharged the rebel teams of “smashing the totality suburban” and also claimed records of bagged cutthroat posts were “publicity”.

“The adversaries retreated after they wasted soldiers. We are trying to fuse tiny posts strategically,” he claimed.

The spokesperson claimed combating was going on in Shan, Rakhine and also Kayah claims. He did not statement on records of junta influences abandoning.

Combating has fourthly been reported in Chin Claim in the northwest, where 43 Myanmar soldiers gone across into the Indian say of Mizoram after a rebel assail, a police police in Mizoram claimed.

Most of the Myanmar soldiers were flown by Indian influences to an additional time on the side and also handed ago to Myanmar police, claimed an Indian defense police that spurned to be gauged.

Myanmar’s cutthroat-designated president last week claimed the suburban was at crunch of overstepping aloof offered that of an lame solution to the disobedience by boxers the generals knock as “terrorists”.

The cutthroat has for years claimed it is the lone college educated of holding complex Myanmar with each other. Defamers of cutthroat procedure dismiss that and also telephone call instead for a autonomous, federal contraption.

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