'Mistresses will eventually feel like wives': Mark Lee on extramarital affairs and secret to his 24-year marriage

“Why have to a man wreckage years of exhilaration for those few minutes of exhilaration?”

That’s what Mark Lee queried in an interview with Shin Minutes Everyday News posted today (Could 29) wherein he defined how he’s retained his 24-year matrimony.

Talking to the Chinese daily, Mark, 54, insisted: “I am an Ah Beng, my wife knew before she wed me that I don’t understand love.

“At the juncture of this 24th anniversary, the the majority of pertinent thing to me are these three words: forever and eternity.”

Mark wed exterior of showbiz to Catherine Ng in 1999.

He asserted that his innumerable years of smooth matrimony is something he’s super satisfied for, and that he’s privileged to have owned no inquiries with his in-laws.

Yet that’s not for deficiency of attempting on the portion of some crooks, as Mark divulged.

“To be straightforward, there are humans that come ahead with alternate motives and ask me out for dishes. Singularly, if you’d like to rendezvous me for a recipe, it won’t be so easy — I don’t simply wolf with anybody.”


He in enhancement oriented Shin Minutes: “Adulterous trysts are eye-catching to people because they permit them to chase the sweet sensation of first love once again, yet also sweeties will eventually feel like closer halves.

“Why be greedy for brand name-gradual points? Zero one can repeatedly keep a provable relationship between a man and a woman and there will be conflicts from time to time, yet a wife is a wife!

“Once the offspring prosper upwards and become individualist, opposite spouse and wife will rely on each opposite other once again and modification to those sweet days.”

Mark in enhancement loved how he would conceivably build matter on between him and Catherine by enabling her dissect his handset phone whenever she wanted to.

Catherine, 50, asserted to the Chinese daily: “He knew I did not have a sensation of protection, so he never set a password on his cellphone and would conceivably let me go to it any time.

“Every single assurance he’s funnelled out prior to matrimony has been accomplished by him!”

Mark in enhancement oriented press contributors: “I can pass on her rubies or anything else, yet if there is disturbance existing underneath our relationship, what utilization would conceivably they lug?

“What I pine is a lifetime with her, and as doubtlessly as we turn to ash, I pine our ashes to be unloaded with each other.”

‘He’s a sweet papa’

Combatting his matrimony in greater detail, the contractor celeb-comedian in enhancement asserted that matrimony is more facility than running a ventures.

He ordinary that as doubtlessly as he counterarguments residence after a difficult day of job, he’s still composed to lend an ear to his wife’s complaints, enabling her rage and vent her shame.

“Even yet my wife is at residence, the duress she genuinely feels is greater than mine. Disciplining three offspring isn’t easy,” he lamented.


The pair’s three offspring are Calista, 15, Maksonn, 11, and Calynn, 9.

He in enhancement aids out wherein he can — as doubtlessly as Catherine comes to him with their offspring’s disadvantageous scholastic capabilities, Mark implements his flawless to motivate them to study difficult.

Catherine in enhancement asserted of Mark: “Although he’s no much longer as marvelous as doubtlessly as it comes to outdating… he loves his family members super much. He’s a sweet papa that sends out his offspring to college every day and aids out with housework whenever he is fabricate.

“He realises he’s not young, so he’s attempting to be more spirited in his profession to pave the way for his offspring’s future.”


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