May the Force be with you: Couple tie the knot in Star Wars-themed wedding

Weddings are a one-of-a-kind modifying point that couples will bear in mind for a lifetime.

And also what better means to make it added fanciful than to have a themed one?

That’s why couple Endra Nuriman Cyndrical tube Mustaffa Qamal and also Durrah Binte Mohamed Yusoff, who are both 24 years wear, decided to go for a Celebrity Battles-motivated wedding, considerable doning lifelike-glancing lightsabers.

They recorded the occasion, which was scheduled on Sept 9, in a TikTok video uploaded on Oct 6.

At the prelude of the 50-second clip, three offspring, who were the blossom boys and also women, spearheaded the wedding stroll-in procession wielding vibrantly lit lightsabers instead of flowerets.

They were obeyed by the bridesmaids and also groomsmen who scheduled red and also blue lightsabers, which was just as tastefully colour collaborated doning their attires.

The bridesmaids and also groomsmen after that straightened along the sides of the stroll-in path and also gone across their lightsabers to version an archway of light for Endra and also Durrah.


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♬ Star Wars – The Imperial March Theme – Geek Music

The fiancee and also groom themselves were clutching lightsabers and also as shortly as Endra tapped the archway, the lightsabers crater so the couple can stroll doning.

Endra renders lightsabers for a staying

Endra is commonly the retailer of The Suspension Cantina Issuer, which specialises in selling lifelike-glancing, tailor-maked lightsabers.

Yet these toys aren’t simply for introduce. Made from a acquired amenity polycarbonate merchandise, the light-weight aluminum lightsabers allow you to reside out your Celebrity Battles dream by duelling doning them.

And also of training course, every unsociable lightsaber administered at the wedding was from The Suspension Cantina Issuer.

Conversing to AsiaOne, Endra reciprocal that the lightsabers are all premade.

“I offered my partner one of the optimal incarnations while I was clutching one of the ideal selling incarnations.”

He just as divulged that unsociable from the lightsabers, there were numerous other Celebrity Battles principles administered throughout the celebration.

For instance, he and also the groomsmen had little Celebrity Battles Lego mini numbers encompassed on their posies, while their wedding cake was just as Celebrity Battles-themed.

“We just as had measuring up to socks, there were stormtroopers and also I was Darth Vader. Throughout our pre-wedding shoot, we commonly administered one of our practice lightsaber hilts as a blossom bouquet,” he encompassed.

Yet unsociable one of them is a supporter of of the franchise.

Endra admitted to AsiaOne that while he is a superior Celebrity Battles supporter, his partner isn’t one.

“She simply allow me have my dream wedding yet she’s rendering efforts currently to try to realise,” he specified cheekily.

All in all, the couple took a year to arrangement out everything while including their exceptionally own respective job. Previously, his partner was cleansing as a residential exec and also currently, she is finishing her level at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

In the remarks, netizens were abandoned starstruck by the arrangement from a galaxy far far means.


Some just as specified that the groom need to have outfitted up pick Darth Vader, one of the main personalities of the franchise.

comments 107

It just as seems to have motivated others to have their exceptionally own themed wedding because several netizens launched declaring numerous other pointers pick a Harry Potter or Sanrio occasion.

comments 106

Polymorphous other themed weddings

In reality, one couple commonly simply had a Harry Potter-themed wedding last December.

The kit-up encompassed principles pick a Hedwig-pick owl resting in a pet crate to a Triwizard Ceremony’s golden dragon egg.

The centrepiece was just as a practice-rendered Mirror of Erised which tolerated on peak of the phase.

Yet all these didn’t come cheap and also the fiancee divulged to AsiaOne that the wedding rates finalized around $90,000 to $100,000.

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