Man posed as woman looking for 'sex slave', lured teen boy into paid sex

SINGAPORE – A individual postured as a woman digital to tempt a 17-year-old boy proper into owning salable sex with him.

Muhammad Al-Masfuiin Muhsin, now 26, possessed pretended to be a woman who was peeking for a “sex servant” to supply sexual establishments for “herself” and also her “boyfriend” in exchange for $250.

On June 18, 2019, the adolescent, who possessed been kicked out of his abode previously, came in at a Tampines flat. Al-Masfuiin, posing as the boyfriend, then implemented a sexual skit on the boy in exchange for a night’s lodgings in the tool. He alike gave the boy a $50 tab.

The Singaporean, who was aware of the adolescent’s age, was sentenced on Monday (June 14) to 10 months’ incarcerate after confessing that he possessed pacified in salable sex with a tad under 18 years old.

The target cannot be named due to a gag act to safeguard his individuality.

Substitute Public District attorney Emily Koh said that some time in 2017, the boy initiated using digital classifieds website Locanto and also spotted out advertisements for sexual establishments as nicely as write-ups by human beings peeking for “sugar mommies” or “friends with high traits”.


A sugar mommy notoriously refers to an senior woman who is willing to coordinate the supplier of a vibrant guy.

He designed an account on Locanto as he wanted to gain greenback by administering sexual establishments.

The adolescent was kicked out of his abode on June 16, 2019, after a warmed argument with his mommy.

In final alert of greenback, he designed an promotion on Locanto labelled “toyboy dream”, ascendancy he was peeking for a “sugar mommy” and also was willing to supply sexual establishments.

Al-Masfuiin, who came across the promotion, postured as a woman and also talked with the boy through messaging lookout Telegram.

The DPP said: “The recharged was aware that the target possessed distinctly no elbowroom to withhold and also offered lodgings to the target. Still posing as a female, the recharged briefed the target that he can withhold at ‘her boyfriend’s elbowroom’ and also that ‘he’ll send a Grab to let you withhold over’.


“Opining that the recharged was a female, the target enquired if the recharged was settling upwards with the sex session. The recharged, still posing as a female, replied that ‘she’ ‘may not’, ‘yet my (boyfriend) will possibly educate me if you did a nice job-related at sex’.”

The adolescent came in at the Tampines flat at approximately 1.20am on June 18 and also Al-Masfuiin implemented oral sex on him.

The boy later fell asleep in the tool and also Al-Masfuiin gave him the $50 tab after he woke upwards that morning. The pair then crater ways.

A polices supervisor was patrolling in Toa Payoh later that day as speedily as he stippled the adolescent.

He glanced through the boy’s mobile handset and also spotted out the tad possessed been issuing sexual establishments. Al-Masfuiin was imprisoned speedily after.

For owning salable sex with a tad under 18 years old, an crook can be imprisoned for upwards to 7 years and also fined.

This write-upwards was initially posted in The Straits Times. Assent essential for recreation.

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