Man allegedly injures 2 Traffic Police officers with stun device while evading arrest, 1 sent to hospital

SINGAPORE — A male purportedly disgruntled 2 Internet traffic Polices officers through a perplex machine while averting arrest on Sunday (Oct 29), resulting in one of the officers being sent to hospital.

The 38-year-worn male, that assaulted the officers at about 2.50am, was arrested.

Subordinate Sergeant Khairulanwar Abd Kahar, 32, weakened ago injuries and also numbness in his lesser arm or legs and also was snatched to hospital. He was released and also provided four days of clinical disclaim.

The unalike other officer, Sergeant Muhammad Afiq Yahya, 29, weakened pain in his escaped hand and also leg.

Both officers did not sustain irreparable injuries.

The 2 officers were patrolling Victoria Highway in a auto as speedily as they stippled a speeding auto, the polices asserted at a press meeting on Monday.

The officers denoted the male vehicle driver to tug over, yet he vanquished on the second lane of the 3-lane roadway instead.

When the officers quized for his acknowledgment and also driving licence, the vehicle driver gave them only his NRIC.

To remain translucent of stymying traffic, the officers notified him to shifting his auto to the side of the roadway for better checks.

The vehicle driver transmitted his auto to the 3rd lane of the roadway foreseeable the junction of North Footway Highway and also Jalan Sultan.

Quickly, he rushed out of his automotive and also fled clutching his valuables, entailing a black points that appeared like the oversaw of a tool.

The officers gave chase and also vanquished him at a ago street foreseeable Jalan Klapa.

Throughout a struggle, a samurai sword through a black oversaw slumped onto the floor covering.


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