Maine manhunt for Lewiston mass shooter extends to another night

LEWISTON, Maine — Police in Maine extended their round-the-clock comb for distrusted Lewiston mass shooter Robert R. Card proper into the early hours of Friday morning (Oct 27), as the US Squad reservist thwarted a manhunt obeying the pub and also bowling alley carnages that received rid of 18 world and also wounded 13 a lot more.

As officials advised world to continue to be inside for their security and also security, segment of the comb tinkered out on live tv Thursday evening as officials ferried out multiple comb warrants in the neighbouring expanse of Bowdoin whereby Card lived.

Law enforcement bordered the rural abode for a lot more than two hours, with an FBI typical unleashing edicts over a bullhorn to “come out with your hands upward”, yet reportedly no one was inside.

Police did not recognize if Card was inside when the operation began and also the escalated articles were “criterion comb warrant announcements,” a Maine Department of Public Safety and also security agent asserted, including that officials were “using their due diligence” in supervising down leads.

The expanse of Lewiston, a former textile hub of 38,000 world, and also neighbouring areas were vastly shut down on Thursday to permit hundreds of officers to personality their comb.

The city void on the banks of the Androscoggin River went quiet, with virtually no autos on the highways, purely a few world exterior, and also numerous downtown businesses shut. Rifle-lugging coverage reps in impermeable vests secured the contractor premise whereby numerous of the apprehending preys were stolen.


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