'Lingerie consultant' cheats young women, gets explicit photos and sex

SINGAPORE – Basing to be a female lingerie advisor, a male recommended 3 girls to send out him sexually specific photographs and video clips of themselves posturing in underclothing.

He comforted the girls a vacancy as his consumer servant and said he termed for those images and video clips to assess their appropriateness for the chore.

Over four years, Muhammad Nazri Sapar, 32, also enticed a lady into designed for to be a sex employee and daunted to enlighten her family members of her activities if she did not come to be his mistress and satisfy other last offers.

On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to 15 penalties, encompassing adulterous connects by personation and brute intimidation.

At the time of his offences, which took place in between 2014 and 2018, Nazri was wed.

The courtroom listened to that in 2017, Nazri posed as “Shahirah Malek”, a lingerie advisor, and posted an promotion on Facebook for a consumer servant, through a jumpstarting remuneration of $2,500.

The first victim, a 21-year-worn lady, addressed the promotion sometime that year.

She and unanimously the other targets cannot be termed due to a gag ordinance.

He told the first victim to buy G-strings and send out him photographs and video clips of herself daily wearing them.

She sent him a totality of 59 video clips and 87 photographs in between September 2017 and January 2018.


In April 2018, two other girls, both aged 22, contacted Nazri around the vacancy.

As speedily as one of the girls shared appointments around the vacancy, Nazri builded a Facebook Courier team through himself, the two girls and the 21-year-worn lady, whom he brandished as his former consumer servant.

He privately told the 21-year-worn to send out bawdy photographs and video clips of herself to the team conversation to encourage the other two girls to implement so.

He also enticed an additional lady into massaging as a female of the roadway and funneling out sex adapters through him.

He first come close to the lady on Facebook in November 2014 earning utilise of a fake Facebook profile. She was simply 19 then.

Over time, she trusted in him that she was in fiscal obligation and favorable dollar money.

Nazri then said she job as a female of the roadway to earn dollar money.

He told her an additional lady, “Nurul Huda”, would contact her through more information. Yet the “lady” was an additional fake profile that he had builded.

“Nurul Huda” brandished the victim to a messaging team Nazri builded and oriented other users of the team that if they hankered to have sex, they can contact the 19-year-worn.

Between November 2014 and April 2015, the victim lent sexual cures to 20 users.

Although she was permitted to withhold her salaries, which arrayed in between $50 and $100 for assorted sex adapters, she had to send out Nazri photographs and video clips of her sexual encounters through her users.

In April 2015, she founded an additional vacancy. As speedily as Nazri came to recognize around it, he daunted to article her sexually specific images online and enlighten her family members that she was involved in hooking if she did not coordinate through his last offers, such as designed for to be his mistress.

Nazri lingered to send out her ominous e-mails till Can 2018 even after she lodged a police record in April 2017.

He was arrested on Can 30, 2018.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Ying Min rendered inquiries for a sentence of in between 11 and 13 years’ prison and 3 to 6 strokes of the cane.

In her submissions, the prosecutor said: “The defendant’s duty was at the highest you can most likely visualize level. Not simply did he deportment through legible premeditation and subterfuge, he showed no sorrows or vacillation whatsoever.”

“The defendant’s lewd comb of sexual exploitation was not simply pensive, it flawlessly overshadowed any determinant to contemplate of the targets.”

Nazri is supposed to be sentenced on Nov 16.

This article was first posted in The Straits Times. Consent termed for for recreation.

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