No joke: Woman wraps cushion cover around legs as she skirts around Malaysia's dress code

A female in Malaysia possesses gone viral for her wily philosophy to get in a police station after she was swivelled away for not equalizing to the dress code.

Stealing to Facebook on Monday (Aug 14), the female described that she owned wear a knee-measurement dress to a police station in Perak yet was robbed gate as her dress was too brief.

As it was raining greatly, she was resistant to head abode to fluctuation her apparel and also make yet another pilgrimage to the police station.

Pinpointed to accesses the constructing, she promptly ran to her auto to architecture a makeshift skirt by tying a auto seat padding to her dress, profitably shuck her lesser legs.

The police directors were evidently charmed by her rapid questioning and also swung her proper into the station, whereby every person posture giggled, she designed.

Stealing the predicament in stride, she jokingly enquired yourself if her makeshift skirt would certainly certify for a ‘most smart apparel of the year’ accolade.

Netizens were appreciative by her virtuosity and also teased that she can join the flair sector.

“This is how flair owners architecture brand-steady models,” a commenter remarked.

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Yet, some were pivotal of the strict dress code applied by the police station.

Another netizen tested: “If a female receives clutched upwards, carries out it merciless she possesses to go abode and also fluctuation proper into long pants previously rendering a police record?”

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This is not the initially time the strict dress codes of some Malaysia’s federal government offices possesses come under checkup.

Earlier in June, a female was repudiated by a security guard from acquiring in the Social Coverage Organisation (Socso) federal government agency because of her knee-measurement skirt.

She was enabled gate unsociable after her colleague was adventurous in realising about the question wearing her skirt and also was oriented not to return the incredibly same inaccuracy in the future.

In response to the occasion, Socso’s case director, Mustafa Deraman oriented the Brand name-steady Straits Times then that there is no particular dress code for viewers, yet there are signages prompting viewers to dress as necessary.

Singlets, mini pants or brief skirts, for instance, are not enabled in the constructing.

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