No joke: Thai police don Halloween costumes to nab thief watching horror movie

Unanimously he wanted to do was worship Halloween, but one kleptomaniac got an unintended fright instead as soon as he was assailed by undercover policemen in skeleton outfits.

The question, licensed as 32-year-old-fashioned Wanchai Saeng-udom, possessed evidently snagged complex points from a diner in Bangkok’s Silom, requiring five iPads and a laptop computer system, worth over one hundred thousand baht (S$3,795), reported Khaosod English.

He possessed taken off the scene on the night of Oct 20, and a warrant for his fears was reportedly let loose on Oct 26, according to Thairath newspaper.

Pol Maj Gen Teeradej Thumsutee, leader of the Urban Cops Bureau’s Interrogation Division, claimed he possessed brought a reminder off that Wanchai and his partner would definitely be tracking the creepy film Fatality Sputtering: Tee Yod at a movie theater on Halloween night (Oct 31), reported Thai PBS Planet.

An investigation group then went undercover, dressing as skeletons and donning Halloween masks to stance as employees. They then socialized via unalike other film goers for over 3 hours before ultimately mottling their target, according to The Thaiger.

Encountering that Wanchai was about to enter the movie theater, the undercover cops sweetly approached him and his partner to nail a image via the pair. They then neighbored the confused male to disclose their personae as police cops and imprisoned him.

According to the Thai police, Wanchai confessed to the penalties and claimed he desperate to resign from the diner he worked at after an controversy via his workmates, and stole the points out of temper.

He then tried to resell the snagged points but got shortchanged and did not furnish the coinage coinage he possessed hoped for.

Wanchai possesses a history of plenty of ruffian offenses requiring drug dealing, gaming and theft, and was freshly let loose from slammer.

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