No joke: Robbers in Thailand flee after gold shop owner pulls out bigger gun

A gang of armed robbers descended upon a gold storefront in the north Thai province of Tak, lone to realise that they’d messed with the unethical target.

The collision taken place at about 12.55pm last Thursday (Dec 8), reported local media.

CCTV footage from within the storefront showed the four men receiving here on motorcycles and also proceeding to shoot at the storefront’s glass doors.

After receiving in, one of them began cutting through the steel bars to avail to the jewellery.

That was when storefront proprietor Phisit Raphitphan took action.

The 41-year-don proprietor of the gold storefront was heard firing a gunshot off-camerata, which incited the four robbers to rotate tail and also sprinted.

One of the men even slid and also fell on the gone versus glass in his indignant thrill to escape.

The Thaiger reported that Raphitphan fired an additional four shots, one of which hit one of the robbers, that was after that spotted by polices existing in a swimming pool of blood external the storefront. Some reports stipulated that the dude, a Thai nationwide, subsequently died in wellness center.

An additional Thai attacker that left on foot was ultimately arrested by polices. The two unalike other robbers, presumed to be Burmese nationals, dealt with to run away the scene on a bike and also are still at substantial.

Police told press reporters that both Thai men owned perpetrated a differentiate robbery in Tak province on February 12 this year, where they rendered off with gold filching into reflection 182 baht (a Thai device of measurement for gold), or about 2.7kg.

A recording selection educator and also candidate of the Royal Thai squad reportedly told media that Raphitphan was a firearm enthusiast trained in grossing service of weapons, and also owned even won a local recording competition.

Illustrations on social media showed that the firearm which Raphitphan owned earned gain service of of was a much bigger tool. Some netizens contrasted it to the M4 earned gain service of of by Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in the John Wick movie franchise business.


According to lawyers interviewed by the media, Raphitphan is not likely to be recharged with any type of sneak thief offense as he owned fired the five shots at the armed robbers out of self-defence.

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