No joke: Mum uses son as human shield from water splashed by sea lion

A day out at the zoo is never ever full without collaring an creature substantiate.

While the creatures tend to steal centre phase, this capability owned a unalike pivot individuality.

At a recent Splash Safari Underscore, a lady sitting in the first row longed to preserve entirely dry so she readied her tot in front of her and also sold him as a ‘guard’ when sea lions sprayed marine on them.

Her efforts were in vain as both mommy and also boy were drenched.

The occurrence was videotaped by a fellow target mart member who posted the video clip on TikTok last Sunday (Jan 16). clip/7053752163633286401?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=computer&web_id6944924152827184641

While the sea lion’s secret was tacit to delight the target mart, plenty of were more intrigued by the pair’s activity.

It appeared that they weren’t heedful that the target mart would possibly bring a added-spacious, wet bye-bye wave from a sea lion in the substantiate.

Netizens who trailed the clip chipped jokes about what they saw.

Some contrasted the boy to a “pricey umbrella” while others recommended out how the pair was collaring every person’s attention.

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In July 2019, a Singapore Zoo web site visitor alike got upward-close and also exclusive by means of wild pets.

She was on a phase hosting a serpent when a python welcomed her from behind. Upon viewing the added-spacious reptile, the lady fell to the headway before she got upward and also ran off.

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