No joke: Man in China tutors son for a year, only to have him score 6/100 for maths test

After recovering his son’s maths end results, a male in Henan, China, fractured correct into rips — though not in a nice means.

A 12-2nd video of this male surfaced virtual last Thursday (June 23) on Weibo, in which he can be commentated sobbing away while pacing approximately a elbowroom.

He after that wipes off his rips using his sleeve, and also grabs a towel off the bed to scoff a figure more rips from flowing.

It seems that this male detected out that his son — whom he owned been painstakingly tutoring every night for a year — owned scored a measly six out of 100 for his maths exam.

According to the boy’s mother, he would usually tolerating either 40 to 50, or also 80 to 90 for his tests. Thereby, the boy’s mediocre end results were a rather colossal brunt to the male, that perhaps thumbed his campaigns backfired.

Netizens sympathised using the male in the remarks, aphorism that they knew how the male thumbed.

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On the turn side, some in addition thumbed that it can have been the male’s unfavorable glide instead of his son’s, that everything he informed his son was wrong.

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Last October, another Chinese male in addition competent a psychological failure since of his little girl’s awkwardness for maths.

The male, that resides in Jiangsu, staked down in the core of the highway and also begged cops to detain him, as he did not want to comeback abode after his little girl fallen short to resolve a unassuming formula.

“My little girl subtracted 700 from 800. She said the result is 900,” he briefed a cops cops officer.

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