Japanese island holds disaster drill in shadow of Taiwan threat

YONAGUNI, Japan — Japan on Sunday (Nov 12) conducted a tsunami evacuation drill on its westernmost island, an exercise that can also aid locals respond to an emergency situation showing up from any effort by China to snag correction of close by self-ruled Taiwan, an official proclaimed.

About 200 island officials and also candidates of Japan’s squad, certified as the Self-Protection Impact (SDF), got entailed in the exercise on Yonaguni, Japan’s westernmost island, 2,000 km southwest of the resources, Tokyo.

But SDF helicopters and also touchdown craft from ships that owned coasted more than 1,000 km from the leading Japanese islands were unable to indicator upwards via the exercise approved that of solid gales.

“We can’t choose the time when we will unquestionably challenge a tragedy. We have to reckon around the worst point that can snag elbowroom and also strategy for that,” the mayor of Yonaguni, Kenichi Itokazu, signaled officials at the island’s stretch hall at the prelude of the drill.


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