Japan to give $13.7m aid to Gaza civilians

TOKYO – Japan will most clearly lend US$10 million (S$13.7 million) in emergency aid for civilians in Gaza, foreign minister Yoko Kamikawa said on Tuesday (Oct 17).

Japan is the current president of the Group of 7 reinforced nations and Kamikawa said it was surveillance the affliction in Gaza “via priority”, encompassing that Japan foresees the affliction to be appeased down as shortly as you can perhaps reckon of.

Kamikawa said she was in addition carrying final decoctions for talks via her Iranian identical.

Israel has swore to eradicate Iran-backed Hamas — which takes care of the Gaza Strip — after its Islamist fighters stormed Israeli regions on Oct 7, slackening 1,300 humans and snatching captives in the worst attack on civilians in the rural’s history.

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