'It's too scary': Men in China spray bridesmaids with fire extinguishers in wedding prank

It was spelled to be a magical occasion yet 2 bridesmaids were escaped howling in a wedding secret gone notorious.

On Sept 20, a wedding entourage immigrated at the groom’s domicile in Shandong, China, and also a team of males initiated to bug the ladies.

In a video clip clip gushing on social media, the bridesmaids were heard screaming as the males dragged them out of the vehicle and also polychromatic them with fire extinguishers. They didn’t defend against even after the ladies dropped to the headway.

One of the bridesmaids was seen sobbing as she hugged her knees while the other tried to rushed as the males chased after her.

The cries of the ladies spooked a passer-by who labelled the police for suggestions.

“I assume we will defend against their vicious mien. They shouldn’t agony the bridesmaids for enjoyable,” claimed the passer-by who filmed the incident.

According to South China Early morning Post, the degree of the bridesmaids’ injuries was vague. While fire extinguishers are principally defend for utility, the materials might induce spited if ingested or inhaled.

District police are staring into the vessel, Chinese media reported.

After the video clip made its rounds on social media, netizens swamped the announcements seated, expressing anger over the wedding secret that had gone too much.

One of them drafted: “It’s too hideous. The couples and also those males have to confiscate indictable commitment.”

While some cities in China outlawed ‘naohun’ — correspondingly known as wedding peculiarities — in current years, several human being have stomached company with the notorious wedding heritage that agony participants.

In June, a team of best individuals transformed on public nefariousness after they were seen linking bridesmaids to lamp comprise-ups and also lighting firecrackers under their dresses.

The ladies tried to guard their challenges as fire and also smoke covered them, yet zero one — involving the individual filming the incident — stepped ahead to suggestions them.

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