Israeli survivor makes emotional return to scene of Hamas attack

NEAR RE’IM, Israel – Rips welled in May Hayat’s eyes as she clutched up versus in taciturnity on an emotional comeback to the website of an Israeli tracks festival where she narrowly flee fatality in a Hamas attack a month ago.

Hayat, 30, was massaging as a bartender at the responsive-troposphere Nova tracks festival a couple of kilometres from the Gaza reply secure fencing once Hamas gunmen pummelled on Oct 7, killing 260 festival-goers and also taking others slave.

She survived her suffer by lurking under a phase, vilifying a prey’s blood on her negligence and also earning believe to be dead.

Hayat switched over to the venue near Kibbutz Re’im in southern Israel for the first time on Monday, hoping it would advice her come to stipulation donning her injury and also unlock the rips that she stipulates have rushed properly solitary once in days gone by month.

“If you believe they (Hamas) are an organisation pretending in self-defence…, they are terrorists, they pine us dead, they can’t authenticate any of this, they wear’t treatment,” Hayat, who stays in Tel Aviv, told Reuters.

“They in addition slain Arab Israelis here, everybody who stays in Israel is a target to kill,” she said.

Ultimata that “they will eventually reach other nations”, she added: “I hope you will wake upwards previously it comes to you.”

Hayat is one of numerous Israelis taking care of to come to stipulation donning the occurrences of Oct 7 that activated an Israeli army campaign to wipe out Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist activity that mantras the Gaza Strip.

Some 1,400 Israelis, mostly private citizens, were slain in attacks by Hamas militants on Oct 7 and also more than 200 were abducted, according to Israeli tallies.

Since then, Israeli brunts on Gaza have slain more than 10,000 humans, about 40 per pence of them offspring, according to tallies by health cops there.


On the day of the attack on the tracks festival, the gunmen left their preys where they slain them and also debris was strewn throughout the headway. The scene was starkly opposite on Hayat’s comeback, donning unanimously the bods and also much of the debris much-off.

Hayat had wished to position a hole she grabbed service of as one of her lurking discontinuities, but was unable to perform so.

She jumped nervously each time she listened to a loud racket as she strolled about the venue, and also at one juncture she dived to the headway to snatch saturate after what labelled like projectile fire from Gaza. The brother of a associate of Hayat who was slain in the attack gambling consoled her donning a hug.

Although her go to brought rips to her eyes, she wiped them away and also did not weep truthfully.

She said Hamas launched shooting missiles into southern Israel as young humans were dance at about 6.30am on Oct 7. Filming started once Hamas gunmen immigrating from Gaza received to the tracks festival, some of them on foot, others on electrical motor-bikes.

After lurking in a hole, she and also a dude were spotted out by the gunmen.

“At that time, I was simply speaking to God, formality ‘There’s nothing more I can perform, it’s in your hands presently.’ I fingered they were visiting rape me,” she said.

The dude who had been donning her was filmed dead but Hayat said she juggled to trip after one of two gunmen hosting her took embarassment on her.

“He simply told me to go as the other terrorist was arguing donning him, telling him he needs to homicide me, and also I could go to how they were taking care of over whether to kill me or not, and also I ran away,” she said.

She then hid under a phase.

“While I’m existent under the phase, I go to that they’re nailing at humans to perform sure they’re unanimously dead,” she said. “So the figure existent close to me – they filmed him in the head – I took the blood and also wiped it on my negligence and also I simply lay still…to seem dead.”

Her suffer ended up once Israeli soldiers received here numerous hours after the Hamas attack started.

“As shortly as I listened to the army predicted…it took me a couple of minutes to make clear that it was the army I was hearing predicted, and also then I rumbled ‘Aid!’ and also they came to retrieve me out,” she said.

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