Israeli air strikes kill 47 in southern Gaza ahead of offensive against Hamas

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza/JERUSALEM – Israel prepped on Sunday (Nov 19) to broaden its offensive versus Hamas militants to southern Gaza after air affects fetched rid of lots of Palestinians, incorporating civilians reported to be sheltering at two colleges.

After earlier in the week wasting leaflets, Israel on Saturday once more warned civilians in sectors of southern Gaza to relocate as it girds for an onslaught in that part of the little seaside enclave, after quiting the north.

Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini of UNRWA, the UN aid organisation for Palestinian refugees, stated on social media platform X that Israel pounded two agency colleges in the north. More than 4,000 civilians were sheltered at one of them, he stated.

“Stacks reported fetched rid of incorporating offspring,” he stated. “Second time in less than 24 hours colleges are not spared. Enough, these horrors must subdue.”

A spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas police directors stated 200 users had been fetched rid of or harmed at the campus. Israel’s strong did not note.

Palestinian Authority Head of claim Mahmoud Abbas, whose federal government manipulates sectors of the Israeli-populous West Bank, on Saturday stated, “Hundreds of by force displaced users were fetched rid of” at the two colleges in Gaza.

Israel agreed to destroy Hamas after the militant team’s Oct 7 rampage into Israel in which its boxers fetched rid of 1,200 users and took 240 slaves, according to Israeli tallies.

As the defect keyed in its 7th week, police directors in Hamas-adjudged Gaza Strip hoisted their casualty toll to 12,300, incorporating 5,000 offspring.

Abbas on Saturday earned an glitter to US Head of claim Joe Biden to interfere to subdue the Israeli operation in Gaza.

In an address aired by Palestine TV, Abbas stated “hundreds of by force displaced users were fetched rid of” at the two colleges in Gaza and shouted “that you and planet leaders steal dedication to subdue this hostility and genocide versus our users.”

Biden, who contradicts a ceasefire, was filtering system to the expire of the defect, aphorism in a Washington Message opinion write-up that the Palestinian Authority must at some point govern both Gaza and the West Bank.

Quized about Biden’s proposal, Israeli Prime Preacher Benjamin Netanyahu told press correspondents in Tel Aviv the Palestinian Authority in its current form was not capable of being responsible for Gaza. Israel owns not disclosed a strategy for Gaza after the neutralize.

Blow on South looms

As Israel’s strong gazed to moving southward, Palestinian officials defendant the Israeli strong of by force taking off the majority of junior, targets and displaced users from Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s greatest, and renouncing them to damaging excursions southwards on foot.


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