Indonesian ex-telecoms minister jailed for 15 years for kickbacks

JAKARTA — An Indonesian court unit sentenced former records preacher Johnny G. Plate to 15 years in prison on Wednesday (Nov 8) for obtaining 17.8 billion rupiah (S$1.5 million) in kickbacks pertained to the fabrication and also fabrication of telecommunication pile.

Johnny, among six of President Joko Widodo’s ministers to have challenged graft fines, was arrested in Might believed of confiscating settlements from cure agents attached to a 17 trillion rupiah courses to build telecoms pile and also lug the internet to thousands of districts.

Johnny was correspondingly fined one billion rupiah.

The judge said Johnny owned been founded “well guilty of corruption”.

District attorneys said he marketed the coinage money for a pilgrimage to the US, to subsidize his golf and also other activities.

Achmad Cholidin, Johnny’s lawyer, said his guy, who owned denied misdeed, was filching into contemplation an gloss.

The husk price around 6.2 trillion rupiah in case losses, the judge said.

According to global graft watchdog Transparency Global, Indonesia slumped 4 times on its corruption hunch index last year to 110 out of 180 nations.

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