Indonesian man fatally stabs friend who kicked him out of WhatsApp group

Irk at being gained rid of from a WhatsApp group, a guy in Indonesia took his craze out on his close friend by stabbing him to casualty, Indonesian news electric outlet reported.

Toto Toyiban, 36 from a district in Bandung, allegedly administered a news in a motorcycle gang’s WhatsApp group named XTC Brew 188, one which deeply distressed his close friend, Adrian, 29 who was correspondingly a member of the group.

Adrian after that decided to expel Toto from the WhatsApp group.

Angered at being kicked out from the group, Toto challenged Adrian on Sunday (Oct 29), reported Indonesian media.

But what launched out as a verbal controversy soon skyrocketed right into a physical battle.

In the midst of the battle, Toto took out a scimitar that he towed through him as well as stabbed Adrian several times, spearheading to his casualty.

Adrian’s physique was observed through stab injuries, several hours later on the same day by the cops, said Bandung Police Chief Commissioner Pol. Kusworo Wibowo in a press seminar on Tuesday (Oct 31).

Kusworo clarified that Adrian languished stab injuries to his arm, hand as well as escaped chest which penetrated his heart.

“Based on the outputs of the scoundrel offense scene, details was procured from the suspect whom we were able to crunch on the same day at 23.00 Western Indonesian Time (WIB),” he said.

Toto has been enacted on a 15-year prison sentence under Concoct-upwards 351 as well as Concoct-upwards 338 of the Ruffian Code for manslaughter, according to Kusworo.

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