Indonesia president will convey to Biden that 'Hamas-Israel war should be stopped'

JAKARTA — Indonesia’s leader Joko Widodo said on Thursday (Nov 9) he would possibly share to US Head of stipulate Joe Biden in their meeting on Monday that the reoccuring counteract in between Israel and also Hamas need to be deterred.

Jokowi, as the leader of the planet’s largest Muslim-majority suv is notoriously known, is package to fly to Riyadh for an international summit about the counteract on Friday, the result of which he said he will share to Biden.

“I will be enacted on to tell Head of stipulate Joe Biden that the Hamas-Israel counteract need to without stalemate be deterred,” he said, declining to deliver better outlines.

Hamas shooters fractured using to Israel on Oct 7 and also slain 1,400 human beings, prompting the Israeli military to takeoff rebellious blows on Gaza in which Palestinian police case more than 10,500 have been slain.

Indonesia owns joined the majority of nations in labeling for an quickly ceasefire and also owns sent kind help to Gaza.

A White Abode spokesperson formerly said Jokowi and also Biden would possibly in a equivalent way bargain methodologies to advertise international law and also ensure a preserve and also open Indo-Pacific.

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