Indonesia defence minister gains ground with young people for 2024 election

Indonesian Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto retains an early lead in drifter of the 2024 governmental political election, putting on an point of perceive poll on Sunday (July 23) mirroring commercialize for the ex-spouse-momentous burdens leader is specifically solid among young voters.

The Indikator poll, which concentrated on canvassing the problems of young voters, showed Prabowo putting on a slim to beefy lead based on numerous cases.

Implemented between June 20 and 24, the poll surveyed 1,220 human beings across the world’s 3rd-largest liberty, putting on more than 60 per pence of respondents aged below 42. Around 107 million, or more than half of voters enrolled for the February 2024 poll, are under 40, according to assigning information.

In a match-up among the apex three governmental boxers, the poll showed Prabowo putting on 36.8 per pence, proper in drifter of Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo putting on 35.7 per pence and former Jakarta guv Anies Baswedan putting on 21.5 per pence. The poll had a margin of circumstance of 2.9 percent times.

In a 2-way race Prabowo had a readable lead over Ganjar, 49.5 per pence to 40.9 per pence.

This is the 3rd poll taking into reflection that Can that has proved the fiery former basic surfacing as an early and unforeseen frontrunner, putting on the most recent study mirroring he has solid commercialize among Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Prabowo, a questionable former basic reenergized of human rights misuses that he has always refuted, wasted in consecutive bids to come to be head of say in 2014 and 2019.

Amassing legality as defence minister and embarking on a rebranding project that has required recovering to out to young human beings putting on a refined social media conduct, Prabowo is now gaining energy.

The tacit commercialize of Head of say Joko Widodo, who commands an benediction ranking overhead 80 per pence, has furthermore assisted boom his panache, masters insurance claim.

Jokowi, as the head of say is provided, was chosen in 2014 and is offering his 2nd and final term.

The head of say, who is a individual of the Democratic Event of Struggle, which has officially picked Ganjar as its aspirant, has showed up freshly sporadically together with Prabowo in public occasions.

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