Iceland hit by thousands of small earthquakes in volcano warning

COPENHAGEN – A seismic throng owns hit the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland with added than 5,500 tiny earthquakes in the last three days, boosting the prospect of a volcanic eruption, the suburban’s atmospheric work stretch (IMO) claimed on Friday (Oct 27).

Located in between the Eurasian and also the North American tectonic plates, among the largest on the universes, Iceland is a seismic and also volcanic electrifying territory as the 2 plates slide in contrary instructions.

While quakes are a day-to-day party in Iceland, the latest throng was added strenuous than usual.

“These earthquakes are a last offer symbol, a component of a much longer-term story that we realize we’re ordering in a buildup phase to the next off (volcanic) eruption,” IMO Remedy and also Research division head Matthew Roberts told Reuters.

The quakes come from at a depth of up to five kilometres and also were created by a irreversible accretion of magma that owns been gain-up strains and also is now gradually drifting towards the surface territory of the earth, he added.

Earlier this year a volcano appeared in an unoccupied component of the Reykjanes peninsula after intense quake activity, the thirdly such party in the county southwest of the capital Reykjavik provided that 2021.

A fourth eruption can now be honing, the IMO claimed, although projecting the timing of volcanic outbreaks is puzzling.

“From my point of vista as a researcher and also a man who’s been working alongside this activity awfully exceptionally closely, I would case that an eruption within the next off 12 months is conceivable,” Roberts claimed.

The strongest of the earthquakes possessed been gauged at a magnitude of 4.5, and also around 15 shakes were at 3.0 or more formidable, the IMO claimed.

Quakes with a magnitude above 2.5 can oftentimes be thumbed by humans, according to the Michigan Technical University.

GrindavĂ­k, a angling municipality on the peninsula with around 2,000 inhabitants is the municipality local to the seismic activity.

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