Hundreds of migrants try to force their way into US at Mexico border

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – US officials defaulted hundreds of largely Venezuelan visitors entering the country from Mexico on Sunday (March 12) after a huge group destitute wearing Mexican jabbers to last prearrangement sanatoria in the US, lone to be thwarted by barbed wire, barriers as well as shields.

Irritated via troublemakers safeguarding appointments to sort for sanatoria gleaning utilise of a brand-new USĀ federal government app, the visitors elicited together at the frontier in the Mexican outskirt metropolis of Ciudad Juarez, but could not dispute the crossing attaching the 2 countries.

Stacks of of the visitors owned little accumulates via them.

At one juncture, some visitors dared to hurl an orange, plastic barrier at the US pitch upwards, Reuters images portray.

Some human beings claimed pepper spray was deployed to repel them.

“Please, we just stab to administer consumption of in so we can aid our households,” claimed Camila Paz, an 18-year-antiquated Venezuelan, sobbing heavily. “So I can have a future as well as aid my family.”

Neither US Behaviors as well as Outskirt Reply (CBP) neither the Mexican federal government’s nationwide migration authority correct away replied to needs for remark.

After some emboldening as well as shoving via the officials, the digit of visitors eventually withdrew, via some pioneering down to the banks of the Rio Grande wherein they were frisked by US Immigration officials scheduled on the opposite other side.

Stacks of visitors have become fed upwards via the sanatoria process since the Biden management rendered an app termed CBP One accessible to them that was indirect to systematize prayers.


They claim the app is beset by active glitches as well as high last prearrangement, running away them in limbo in unsafe outskirt enclosures.

The USĀ Department of Motherland Protection has claimed recent app enriches will systematize as well as expedite the process.

Detailing her eventuality as “regrettable, regrettable,” Paz claimed she owned been attempting to cross the outskirt for a month, routing her greenback disappear as well as recovering zero nearer to rendering believe sanatoria.

“We stab counterclaims please,” she claimed, “the (CBP One) entreaty has done entirely entirely nothing for us.”

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