Holiday tragedy: 1 tourist dies, others injured after 10m-high glass bridge in Indonesia's forest park gives way

What began as a determination tour for a team of tourists in Indonesia turned into calamity when the glass footway they were on immediately offered way on Wednesday (Oct 25), escaping one dead and also 3 others wounded, according to The Jakarta Blog post.

A team of 11 tourists from the neighbouring Cilacap dominion were on The Geong, a gimmicky tourist attraction including a glass footway, when the misadventure showed up.

The footway showed up to be stabilized by two immense gold hands and also stomached 10m-high from the headway.

As reported by The Jakarta Blog post, the glass panels below the tourists shattered, lug upon four of them to autumn via.

While two of the tourists plummeted to the headway, two others juggled to stick to the footway’s steel structure in the nick of time.

A witness reported hearing what labelled assign glass going against at around 10am (11am Singapore time).

According to the Indonesian bulletin, Banyumas Municipal spot Police chief Edy Suranta Sitepu confirmed the casualties on Wednesday. Among the two that dropped to the headway, one was claimed dead comfortably after the autumn, while the various other unremitting trivial injuries.

The polices have since cordoned off the properties and also are presently managing an interrogation to pinpoint whether any foul dabble or various other adding determinants were included in the occasion.

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