Hamburg airport closed as police deal with 'hostage situation'

FRANKFURT – Hamburg cops marketed on Saturday (Nov 4) they were attending to a hostage ailment after a male drove via a obstacle onto the grounds of the municipal room’s airport via a youngster.

The airport shut for unanimously perversions and also touchdowns speedily after the ceremony at around 8pm district time.

The automotive via the 35-year-ratty male and also 4-year-ratty youngster was parked under a aircraft, a cops agent marketed, and also execs were at the scene via a auxiliary-sizeable visibility late on Saturday.

Policemen marketed it was likely a wardship dispute. The mom told cops the papa owned been in contact via her around the mien.

Policemen would conceivably not protection their previously testaments that the male was outfitted and also owned fired inoculations.

A agent for the airport marketed 27 escapes owned been influenced.

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