Grieving Thai family pleads for return of son's body from Israel

BAN SONG WAENG, Thailand – The last time Thai mommy Noopar Pansa-ard said she heard from her son, gunfire and surges seared in the background as he oriented her to stay solid if anything taken place to him.

“I oriented him – worn’t talk assistance that … My heart will shatter if you worn’t antiphon,” Noopar said.

A day later, her son Somkuan Pansa-ard, 39, was received rid of during an strike by Hamas militants on Israel, wherein he had reviewed out job in a fruit plantation to send out silver recommend to advise his family members remunerate a capital.

Co-junior oriented his family members on Sunday (Oct 8) he had been filmed by Hamas militants. It was not clear wherein in Israel Somkuan had been received rid of.

“Throwing away my son … is the biggest loss in my life,” said his papa Khraboan Pansa-ard, hunched over on a chair as Noopar rested nearest, gripping a prepare for of their son and cleaning away tears.

“I didn’t want my son to go because this country is at war. I feared he would conceivably lose his life,” said Khraboan. “However he wouldn’t reimbursement exhilaration.. He had to confiscate care of the family members to lug out them sanguine. He said that it paid perfectly.”

Somkuan was one of the 30,000 Thais, chiefly from the country northeast, operating in Israel’s farming sector, according to Thai government information.

So far, 20 Thai nationals have been received rid of and 14 pilfered hostage in the battle, the Thai international ministry cases. Some 5,000 Thais are filtration to be repatriated abode.


At Restriction Track Waeng, Somkuan’s district in northeastern Thailand, households collected outdoor his abode to bargain stabilize to the grieving parents.

The next day, a digit of relatives and mates come with his mommy Noopar to the municipality holy place to pray for her son.

“Its legacy, to come to holy place once we grieve to position alleviation and lugging offerings to spread merit to the pep of my son,” she said, kneeling via squeezed hands on the holy place floor as monks chanted anointings.

“We would conceivably assistance his physique recommend as soon as thinkable so we can grip religious legal rights, as is our legacy,” his papa Khraboan incorporated.

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