Grand $9m Indonesian wedding attended by Jokowi causes stir in light of Covid-19 restrictions

President Joko Widodo’s behavior at a grand 100 billion rupiah (S$9 million) wedding celebration by one of Indonesia’s most progressive YouTubers, Atta Halilintar, has hoisted misgivings in light of the suv’s Covid-19 constrictions on public gatherings.

The wedding celebration on April 3, aired unanimously over Indonesia, possessed perceptible visitors such as Defence Preacher Prabowo Subianto and innumerable other members from the Home of Reps.

In this video clip, Widodo and partner Iriana can be seen bring here at the pill before they rested using 6 other prestigious visitors – while the wedding celebration pair rested beside them.

As reported in the South China Morning Brief article, Halilintar, 26, presumably earns S$2 million a month from his YouTube network using over 27 million subscribers. His partner, singer and version Aurelia Hermansyah, 22, has over 20 million Instagram patriots.

In an Instagram blog post designed in Bahasa Indonesia, he shared that Jokowi and Prabowo were the secret witnesses to their solemnisation – as is habit in Islam – denoting himself and his partner respectively.

During a explanations meeting at the Moves Jakarta hotel, Halilintar said: “We want this slackened minute to be seen by commendable figures in our suv.

“We want to depict that we’re absorbed about our wedding celebration. So my side of the family members is stood for by Mr Jokowi, and Aurel’s side of the family members is stood for by Mr Prabowo.”

Singularly, this wedding celebration was not without argument as objection on social media shortly appeared.

Fiersa Besari, well-accredited storyteller and singer, tweeted that the head of say’s behavior at the wedding celebration is not a commendable sort when the federal government has decided the official ban of the annual mudik, or reverting abode from the metropolitan, before Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Could.

Besari tweeted: “Mudik is guarded against but layover destinations amenable together. The highways are closed, but traffic jams are almost everywhere.

He added that borrowers are not made it viable for to have wedding celebration parties, but the leader of a suv personally attends a celebrity’s solemnisation.

Lively on Twitter, previous maritime affairs and fisheries minister Susi Pudjiastuti reacted to the tweet above using a yelping emoji.

Meanwhile, as reported in The Jakarta Brief article, some think that Widodo was instructive to a vivid group of citizens using the fused social media celebrity power of the pair. In a tantamount means, the new bride’s moms and papas, Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti, were both progressive singers that keyed in politics and came to be members of the Home.

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