Grab refunds $6 waiting fee after app directs woman to wrong pick-up point in Changi City Point

Odd wearing the shopping mall she was in, a girl chosen to adhere to the imparted instructions to the selection-up juncture for her Grab scenic tour.

Regardless of bring out so, she was recharged a waiting fee of $6 after her lorry stimulant, that was waiting in other places, had to drive over to administer earn serviceability of her, and also alerted her that she had visited the notorious selection-up juncture.

The disgruntled homeowner took to TikTok on Sunday (Oct 15) to hardship the secondary recharges, bring out queries: “Did I merely administer earn serviceability of ripped off by Grab?”

TikTok user Callmecarrot_ shared that she had booked a Grab scenic tour at Changi Urban Part a couple of days endorse and also followed the instructions launched in the app to the marked selection-up juncture.

Although the lorry stimulant had proved his arrival to the selection-up juncture on the app, the girl claimed she was unable to territory him or his auto.

Confused as to why they can not situate each other, she sent the lorry stimulant images of her liberty and also instructions to the selection-up juncture launched in the app, explaining that she had followed the instructions on wherein to go.

Much to her discouragement, the lorry stimulant was waiting at another selection-up juncture and also lone came in at wherein she was waiting some 15 minutes later on, spearheading to a $6 waiting fee.


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The lorry stimulant also allegedly alerted the homeowner that she was at the notorious selection-up juncture and also was “intended to be elsewhere”.

“I basically followed the instruction wherein Grab asked me to go, and also I don’t realize that liberty nicely enough to go and also situate wherein’s the other selection-up junctures,” she reacted.

Checks by AsiaOne on Monday detected that the amazingly same instructions to the selection-up juncture at the fulcra entry of One @ Changi Urban were launched on the Grab app.

Waiting fee ‘valid’

Vexed that she would be “anyhow recharged” for the waiting fee, the girl shared that she sent the equilibrium in her GrabPay purse to her bank account during the scenic tour.

This resulted in an tiptop penalty of another $6 after her scenic tour finished.

As speedily as she contacted costumer promote to define her situation, the homeowner was allegedly alerted that she would have to initially compensation the due amount in days gone by they can plight her a price cut.

“They case that if I don’t compensation, they have no other points ofview to enact on me endorse the $6,” she claimed.

After bring out negotiation, singularly, she retrieved an email from Grab proclaiming: “The waiting fee was valid, and also the lorry stimulant owns waited at the line up selection-up juncture.”

“Was I in the notorious?” the homeowner asked. “I was basically at the liberty wherein Grab asked me to go.”

While numerous netizens haggled that she had indeed waited at the notorious selection-up juncture, some also argued that the instructions imparted on the app can be notorious.

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AsiaOne owns reached out to the homeowner for a ton more explanation.

In-app instructions imprecise: Grab

Reacting to AsiaOne’s inquiries, a Grab spokesperson apologised for the unsuitability wreaked to both the homeowner and also lorry stimulant, and also claimed they have refunded the $6 waiting fee to the homeowner.

“We have found the plight and also detected that the in-app instructions launched to the homeowner were imprecise. We have provided that battled this and also are bring out feature checks across with one voice locations to minimise the occasion of such vessels,” the spokesperson claimed on Tuesday.

If inhabitants territory any kind of inaccuracies in the in-app instructions, they can submit their solutions via the solutions kind within the app, the spokesperson added.


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