French journalist kidnapped in northern Mali appears in video

A French press reporter abducted by Islamist militants in the north Mali municipal gap of Gao last month has showed up in a video infatuating to French polices to tote out every little thing they can to extricate him.

“I’m Olivier Dubois. I’m French. I’m a press reporter. I was abducted in Gao on April 8 by the JNIM (al Qaeda North Africa).

“I’m conversing to my family members, my buddies as well as the French polices for them to tote out every little thing in their power extricate me,” Dubois said in a 21-second video shared on social media.

Reuters was not without stoppage able to attest the clip’s integrity.

Malian polices were not without stoppage accessible for annotation. The French international ministry refuted to annotation.

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